The best tools for recovering deleted data

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March 22, 2018
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September 20, 2018
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The best tools for recovering deleted data

An important file that was accidentally deleted is a matter of time. However, if you realize it right away, you need to act quickly and with reason. This will help with some of the programs for recovering deleted data.

Did you delete a file and have already burned a Trash? Nothing is lost yet. If it has not been overwritten by other data (if not storing any data directly to the place where he found) programs can do it in this report to find and recover the disk. Some of them can also work with the USB flash drive.

To restore the data safely and not to overwrite the others for a possible restore, you must always restore the restored files to a different disk than this is the case. This means that if you restore the data from drive C, save it to D. Otherwise, it might happen that when you restore multiple files, you will first overwrite the others, and you will be irrevocably lost.

Recuva is a user-friendly, easy-to-use program searches hard drives or any storage media and finds deleted files. Depending on the state of their status (color and verbal expression), it is possible to predict whether or not they can be restored. The results can be filtered. In the case of images, it can show their thumbnails. Only certain file extensions can be searched, and the program also specializes in recovering information from mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mail. It works, on the contrary, unnecessary data can be reliably eliminated by repeated overwriting.

Puran is responsible not only for one of the best disk defragmenter programs but also for other applications. One of them is software for recovering deleted data. Data is restored virtually from all Windows data storage (HDDs, SSDs, flash drives, USB flash drives, memory cards, etc.). Just allow the media to be scanned (the fast, deep method and lastly the formatted storage). For found files, you will see the name, path, size, and information about the chances of restoring them. It also displays a preview for pictures.

Disk Drill  – freeware

Data is restored virtually from any storage device, including hard disks, USB flash drives, MP3 players, memory cards, etc. There are two scanning methods available: fast and deep scanning. The results can be viewed in real time, there is no need to wait for the scan to finish. In addition to data recovery, it also offers a data protection function. It works by automatically deleting deleted files from selected folders or drives to another location, so they are easier to recover if needed.

Recovers files from hard drives, memory cards, and other devices connected to a PC and used to store data. It’s a small program, and a piece of work goes on a portable USB flash drive. Unfortunately, it does not provide information on the extent to which data can be restored, nor does it preview files. This free-to-air version restores only 2 GB of data.

Glary Undelete

Excellent data recovery, which has one of the best user interfaces. Its advantage is also the ability to search for specific folders in the Windows Explorer style, where it provides information on the success rate of any recovery. An advanced filter lets you search by name, date, size, or suffix. Data is restored virtually from any type of storage media. It does not contain any unnecessary features and is therefore especially suitable for beginners.

Raid Data Recovery specialist

The best tools for recovering deleted data

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