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The Low Down on Data Recovery
February 14, 2017
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Surprising Facts on Data Loss, What You Need To Know.
March 9, 2017
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The Do’s and Don’ts on Data Loss
We’ve all experienced data loss at some point in our lives or at least know of someone who has.
The screen suddenly goes black or an unfamiliar error message pops up, announcing “Windows has detected a hard drive error…” or something similar. You stomach drops, blood starts rushing to your face and you feel surge of adrenaline all over your body, as you realise that all your files and data have been completely wiped off. The outcome of these dramatic moments can prove to be catastrophic at times and it’s what you do during the crisis that can make the difference between being able to save your lost data or losing it forever.
1. Investigate, determine what caused the problem. Is it a hard drive crash or is it a software failure? If the computer does an automatic reboot and you hear a grinding, whirring or clicking noise that sounds as if the computer is working much harder than it usually does. That probably indicates a hard drive failure, and you should consult a professional.
2. If, however the computer sounds fine and does not go through a reboot, then you may want to think about any recent changes that you or anyone working on the computer may have made, peripherals, hardware configuration or software mix. Sometimes compatibility issues may create problems that can seem worse than they really are.
3. Ensure that the problem is not caused by malware (short for malicious software, this is software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems.) A recently discovered form of malware is one that issues an alert indicating that a hard drive is about to fail. It then offers a “recovery tool” that is in actual fact a scam program that moves a user’s files into another location to create the illusion it’s fixing the problem. Be cautious about any alert messages that lead to sites asking for money for “recovery programs.
1. If you hear grinding noises when you reboot, cancel or stop the reboot immediately. Useless you work with hard drives for a living it is best that you leave this problem to the professionals, such as Intratec Data Recovery Services.
2. If the issue is a minor one; like for instance, a file that has been deleted accidentally it is advisable that you do not restart your computer as this may cause it to overwrite the original data.
3. Don’t lose hope. Just because the computer might sound like it’s chewing on metal and eating up your data doesn’t mean everything’s gone. Data recovery is a very common strategy, and data that’s seemingly lost often turns out to be fine through the correct help from professional such as Intratec Data Recovery Services. Intratec Data Recovery Services provides professional services, with the quickest turnaround time at competitive pricing.

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