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Surprising Facts on Data Loss, What You Need To Know.
March 9, 2017
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Causes of Data Loss
March 9, 2017
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The Impact of Data Loss
Business owners understand the importance of providing their customers with the best products and service possible. Data or information is the life blood of the business; imagine what would happen to all your hard work if you lost crucial company data.

Productivity can come to a dead stop if your business loses its data. Just think about it—lost sales and downtime are going to cost you a serious chunk of change. How long do you think your company can survive a data loss incident? A month? A year? A decade? Believe it or not, in many cases, a disruption in productivity can permanently cripple a business in under a week.

Reputation and Customer Loyalty
No company wants to be seen as unreliable or untrustworthy, whether the loss of information is your fault or not. Mishandled data can be instantly posted on any number of social media outlets thanks to the speed and ease of the internet. This could result in your business shutting down for good.
Customer loyalty is a hard thing to get—and even harder to get back. If a client’s information has been lost or compromised, it could be only a matter of time before you’ve lost their business for good. And when the word gets out (and it will), attracting new clients could be a major struggle that your company may never recover from.

Confidential Information
One of the more serious implications of data loss is the possibility of leaked confidential information. If customer data or employee records are compromised, you could be faced with legal action against your business.
Thankfully, it’s not all doom and gloom. With the help of a data recovery company such as Intratec Data Recovery SA, you can be sure that we will be able to help you.

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