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February 14, 2017
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February 14, 2017
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The Low Down on Data Recovery
Despite the fact that technology progresses every day in terms of data storage devices, loss of precious digital information seems to be a common problem to most people. Data loss may be due to hardware or software failures, power cuts, software malfunctions (including computer viruses) or simple human error.
Luckily most of the information stored on a storage device can almost always be retrieved. you should distinguish the cases when the information has never been written to a storage (for example, created, but not saved document lost due to power failure) and thus is in no way recoverable.
The data recovery process is, more times than not, dependent on how the data was lost initially, the software used for backup and the backup target media. For example, many PCs and laptops have a backup software installed in them which make it easy to access lost data on your own and restore it, on the other hand, the restoration of a corrupted database from a tape backup is a more complicated process that requires IT intervention. Data recovery services may also be used when file that are not backed up get deleted accidently from a computer’s file system, but still remain on the hard disk in fragments. The reason data recovery may be possible in this case is because, a file and the information about that file are stored in different places.
Usually when a file needs to be recovered it’s the file allocation table that’s not working properly. The file itself may still be in proper working condition. If this is the case, then the file can still be recovered. If the file or hard drive is physically damaged, it can still be reconstructed.
Recovering core applications and data from tape takes time, and you may need to access your data immediately after a disaster. There are also risks involved with transporting tapes. In addition, not all production data at a remote location may be needed to resume operations. Therefore, it’s wise to identify what can be left behind and what data must be recovered.
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