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February 22, 2018
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Save your deleted data

Did you accidentally delete an important file from your computer or USB key? If you are looking for him in a trash and you start to panic, a helping hand will give you recovery programs.

Recovering a file that you deleted a short time is not overly complex and usually the recovery rate is quite high. On hard drives, when deleting a file, it becomes a file system that is labeled as free and available for writing other data.

The file as such is still on the disk, although it is no longer visible within the UI. As soon as you find that a file is missing, do not write any data on its media. Each new write to disk will increase the chance that this location will be used and the file will be overwritten.

For example, if your original file was in Docs on a C-partition, try not to write down any data before you restore the file. However, other discs and other partitions of the same disc can be used without a doubt.

One of the best programs for recovering deleted data, which is available for free, is Recuva from Piriform, you can download it free of charge to your home page (4 MB). The program also includes a Slovak user interface translation that you can select in the first installation step.

If you try to recover files from C partition, do not save or install the program on the download. Instead, in the installation wizard, click the Advanced button and select a different installation location (for example, part D).

Once installed, you’ll see the File Restore Wizard, which lets you choose whether you want to restore some specific files (such as video or documents). You also choose to search between files deleted from the Trash or, for example, from a USB key or memory card. Then, you run a scan that shows you recovery candidates after you finish.

If they are large, use the built-in search for filtering (accessible by clicking the Advanced Mode button). The document may or may not have the original name preserved. For example, if you are looking for a deleted Word or Excel document, for example, and you do not find it, check documents of this type with generated names that have the requested size or date of the last change.

Deselect the desired files with a mouse and right-click to select a recovery. Important note: Never restore the files to the same partition as their deleted version. Therefore, restoring Part C is done on Part D or vice versa. If you do not have different partitions on a computer disk, use a USB key or external drive as a storage device.

Each addition of data to the original partition will reduce the chance of your recovery, as the original data will be overwritten by new ones. Save your deleted data

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