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The Do’s and Don’ts on Data Loss
February 14, 2017
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The Impact of Data Loss
March 9, 2017
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Surprising Facts on Data Loss, What You Need To Know.
Data loss is a process or an event that results in data being inaccessible. This is because data may be corrupted, deleted or unreadable by a user or software. Data loss is a very common issue and can sometimes be very costly. If you’re not vigilant, just one mistake or mishap could result in the loss of crucial information, which was prepared by working tirelessly for hours and at the expense of hard-earned money!
1. An average of 32 percent of computer users lose data each year.
2. Small businesses that experience data loss, unfortunately, go out of business in less than a year following the incident.
3. Businesses that depend on electronic data highly are unable to resume duties in the 10 or more days following data loss.
4. About 0.1 million hard drives crash every week.
5. On average about 30 percent of all laptops are stolen or experience data loss at some point.
6. 95 percent of people’s computers are not backed up, making them vulnerable to data loss.
7. The yearly damage caused by viruses to businesses is ranked well above the billion-rand mark.
8. Only less than 30 percent of conventional storage drives are stored off the premises.
9. Thousands of people accidently leave their laptops in public transports resulting in a literal loss of data.
With these alarming realities, it is clear that individuals and businesses need to be educated on the importance of data backup. Do not merely rely on conventional storage mediums such as disk drives, optical discs and/or magnetic drives. Spend a little more on purchasing online storage space and protect thousands of Rands worth of data.
If you do however experience loss of data, Data Recovery SA will be able to help you recover your data. Our reliable, friendly and experienced staff will help you go through this process seamlessly.

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